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Released: Jan 11, 2022

Platform Enhancements

Multiple SCOWL file support

A topology definition now comprises multiple files with the .scowl file extension. This enhancement gives users better options for organizing SCOWL code, building modular solutions, and collaborating with others.

These files are effectively concatenated to define the full topology. Note that it may be useful for the definition of an event, e.g. user_details_auto, to span multiple files. This is can be done by creating an event user_details_auto section header in each file.

Online SCOWL Editor

When editing a branch in the SCOWL editor, you will now see a listing of files, e.g.

  • schemas.scowl
  • enrichments.scowl
  • queries.scowl

You may create, edit, and delete files in the virtual folder. You can save changes by hitting CMD-s or by clicking the Save All button.

Offline Git Repo

In Production, you will likely choose to maintain your Scowl code in a git repo. The files are kept in a folder on the user's local machine pushed to Sumatra via the CLI.

To install the CLI:

pip install sumatra-client

You can run sumatra -h for a full list of CLI commands. A few useful commands:

  • sumatra login - fetch an access token via the web-based login flow
  • sumatra push - save local files to named remote branch
  • sumatra apply - deploy local files to LIVE

Legacy branches

Existing topology branches appear as a folder with a single file: main.scowl

Synchronous Commits

Now by default, database writes to the aggregate and lookup stores (DynamoDB) are carried out synchronously on every event to achieve better performance characteristics.

This change reduces worst case freshness from ~2 seconds to ~20ms. The tradeoff is that latency for async write events (e.g. tz_events_app_entry) is increased by ~30ms. Meanwhile, the query events (e.g. query_agent_bind_status) incur no latency change.

While this performance tradeoff is the right one for nearly all use cases, we can provide the option to make different tradeoffs at the event-type level.

Bug Fixes

  • OpenSearch no longer returnes 404 when no indices exist for schema mapping updates
  • Workshop feature filter no longer occasionally lists a feature twice