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Released: March 9, 2022

Timeline creation filter

The ability to create a timeline from the OpenSearch-backed "Event Feed" has been available in UI for a while and was recently added to the client SDK via the create_timeline_from_feed method.

This release adds support for passing an event_types parameter to the SDK method to fetch only a subset of available event types into the timeline.

This enhancement, allows for faster timeline creation and support for longer time ranges within the current 15-minute materialization-time constraint.

Python Example

    event_types=['cash_in', 'cash_out']

Bug Fixes

  • Time out on timeline/enrichment materialization to appropriately set the status flag to "error"
  • Validate timeline state before attempting to do an enrichment materialization
  • GraphQL: return error if response payload would exceed the maximum lambda payload of 6MB
  • GraphQL: return error if requested event feed batch size exceeds 10000 records
  • Allow branch deployment when live environment has errors (treating live environment as empty and overwriting)
  • SCOWL: correctly parse mix of dot and slice operators, e.g. foo[0].bar[1][0].baz