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Released: Aug 9, 2022

Operational Metrics API

Sumatra's GraphQL API now supports queries that return operational metrics, such as latency and event count statistics. These metrics are calculated by AWS CloudWatch and made available to the new API as both raw data and plot images.

New Objects:

  • metrics: metrics data about the live events
  • metricsQuery: metrics data about the live events using a SQL-like interface
  • metricsImage: an image of a chart based on metric data

Future releases to the console will add visualizations of this metrics data in the UI.

Other Changes

  • Optimization: Upgrade DynamoDB client for faster online aggregates and lookups

  • Securitiy: Allow console GraphQL requests to limit Access-Control-Allow-Origin response header

  • Bug Fix: Fix issue that caused certain kinds of timelines to raise nil pointer errors during materialization