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Workspaces are isolated environments that manage collections of features, events, and other resources. Typically, an organization may have a workspace for Production and another for Staging, while individual users have additional personal workspaces for experimentation and learning.

Create workspaces

Anyone with a Sumatra account can create new workspaces from the Workspaces dropdown menu:


Upload your logo from the Settings tab to add your brand and personalize your workpace. It will display in the workspace dropdown in the main menu.


Add additional users

To add a user to a workspace, open the Settings tab and click "Add user" and enter their email address. The user will be added to the active workspace only.


Roles and permissions

Each user in a workspace is assigned a role which determines their permission level. Any Owner of a workspace can change other users' roles.

Role Permission UI Access Who it's for
Reader Read only Event Feed, Settings, Live Topology, and Dashboard Non-developer analyst or stakeholder
Writer Write Everything except workspace settings, except plan/apply and push to prod Developers + Data Scientists
Publisher Write + Publish Everything except workspace settings, including plan/apply and push to prod Manager / Ops Eng. who can deploy to LIVE
Owner Write + Publish + Workspace management Everything, including deleting the workspace Manager, department head, etc.

Usage plan and billing

Sumatra is available with three usage plans, primarily based on number of events. Expert setup and hosted deployment is included with all plans.

Plan Description
Free Free forever up to 100k events/month and 3 users.
Growth Hosted deployment that scales with you. Unlimited users.
Enterprise Deploy on your private cloud with unlimited events and SSO

View the full feature list for all plans on the Pricing page.

Access the API key

Workspace Owners can access the private API key from the "Settings" tab. Each API key is unique to a single workspace.