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Sumatra CLI

Sumatra includes a command-line tool for performing administrative actions outside the UI, including from automated workflows like CI/CD.

The CLI is distributed with the Client. To install:

pip install sumatra-client


For help using the CLI, run sumatra -h:

usage: sumatra [-h] [-v] [--debug] [--instance URL] CMD ...

Sumatra command line interface.

  -h, --help      show this help message and exit
  -v, --verbose   run in verbose mode
  --debug         run in debug mode
  --instance URL  sumatra instance url

  CMD             run `sumatra CMD -h` for command help
    admin         run `sumatra admin -h` for subcommands
    apply         publish local changes to LIVE
    branch        run `sumatra branch -h` for subcommands
    config        show configuration
    deps          run `sumatra deps -h` for subcommands
    login         authenticate sumatra cli
    model         run `sumatra model -h` for subcommands
    plan          compare local changes to LIVE
    pull          save remote branch scowl to local dir
    push          save local scowl to named remote branch
    table         run `sumatra table -h` for subcommands
    tenant        show tenant name
    timeline      run `sumatra timeline -h` for subcommands
    version       show remote sumatra version
    workspace     run `sumatra workspace -h` for subcommands