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Adding Sumatra to your site

1. Add the Optimize snippet

Copy-paste this snippet inside the <head> tag of your site. For best performance:

  • Add the snippet above anything else in the <head> tag
  • Don't use Google Tag Manager for the installation. Add the snippet directly to the <head> tag in your sites HTML.
<!-- Sumatra Optimize SDK snippet (loads Sumatra and sends events to the API) -->
<script type="text/javascript">
  !function(){var sumatra=window.sumatra=window.sumatra||[];sumatra.methods=["load","track","enrich","ready","personalize","registerAnalyticsSource"],sumatra.factory=function(t){return function(){sumatra.push([t].concat(}};for(var t=0;t<sumatra.methods.length;t++){var r=sumatra.methods[t];sumatra[r]=sumatra.factory(r)}sumatra.loadJS=function(e,t){var r=document.createElement("script");r.type="text/javascript",r.async=!0,r.src="";var a=document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];a.parentNode.insertBefore(r,a)},sumatra.loadJS(),
    sumatra.load("SUMATRA_API_KEY", "")
<!-- Sumatra Optimize SDK snippet end -->

<!-- Sumatra Optimize script (loads the overrides from the WYSIWYG) -->
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<!-- Sumatra Optimize script end -->


Replace SUMATRA_API_KEY with your private API key and replace SUMATRA_TENANT_ID with your workspace ID.

For most use cases, it is recommended to add the anti-flicker snippet. Copy-paste it in the <head> section directly above the Optimize snippet.

<!-- Anti-flicker snippet -->
<style>.async-hide { opacity: 0 !important} </style>
<script>(function(a,s,y,n,c,h,i,d,e){s.className+=' '+y;h.start=1*new Date;
  h.end=i=function(){s.className=s.className.replace(RegExp(' ?'+y),'')};
<!-- Anti-flicker snippet end -->

Multiple domains or subdomains

If your site uses multiple domains or subdomains, add the snippets above to each one. Visitors will be identified across subdomains with a first-party cookie.

Single-page Applications (SPA)

Single-page applications are fully compatible with Sumatra. Contact support for help getting started.