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class TableVersion

A handle to a server-side table upload job, which uploads a new table version.

Objects are not constructed directly. Table versions are returned by methods of the Client class.


created_at: datetime property readonly

Timestamp when table version was created

creator: str property readonly

User that initiated the table version job

error: Optional[str] property readonly

Error reason string for a failed upload.

job_id: str property readonly

Job indentifier for validation and ingest

key: str property readonly

Name of primary index column

row_count: int property readonly

Number of rows in table

s3_uri: str property readonly

S3 bucket path to parquet file

schema: str property readonly

Scowl table statement with schema

status: str property readonly

Current status of the job. One of {'New', 'Offline', 'Online', 'Error'}

updated_at: datetime property readonly

Timestamp when table version was last updated



Wait until table version upload completes.


Type Description

Table version upload status