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Python Setup

Follow these instructions to track and enrich events from a Python-based framework, such as FastAPI or Django.


To install the Sumatra Python SDK:

pip install sumatra-sdk

Sync or Async

How you send events to Sumatra from Python depends on whether you are using a synchronous and asynchronous server.

import sumatra
sumatra.api_key = "SUMATRA_API_KEY"
sumatra.api_uri = ""

# track
sumatra.track("event_type", **data)

# enrich
response = sumatra.enrich("event_type", **data)
import sumatra
async with sumatra.SDKClient(api_key="SUMATRA_API_KEY", api_uri="") as client:
    # track
    await client.track_async("event_type", **data)

    # enrich
    response = await client.enrich_async("event_type", **data)

The response dictionary will contain all of the features computed by your Scowl code. See the API response docs for the full details.


Here is a realistic example of how the Python SDK may be called by a synchronous backend to decide whether or not to allow a user to sign up:

import sumatra
sumatra.api_key = "ak_BcNtzouCjOfoxWkxw9wvYt0O"

features = sumatra.enrich("signup", {
        "email": "",
        "ip": "",
        "name": "Darrel Smith",
        "browser": {"language": "en-US"},

if features["verdict"] == "Block":
    ...  # block signup
    ...  # allow signup

If you want to see this full recipe, check out: Prevent Fake Account Creation with Smart Rate Limiting

Or — let an expert do it

A Sumatra expert will set up your data integration and workspace at no cost to you: